Philip Schofield – CEO at Ripple – Intranets and Employee Apps. Diagnosed Bipolar and a tech leader.

Contains strong language and adult content.

One morning before a ‘normal’ day at work, while standing at the train station, Phil’s legs started moving him involuntarily towards a moving train… he knew he needed help. After buckling to his knees in the realisation that something serious was happening with his mental state, Phil sought advice and was later diagnosed with bipolar.

Phil is a CEO, a company sales leader in the tech industry, a cross-fit enthusiast and a terrific advocate for mental health. His honest and frank conversations around mental health are normalising the discussion around the topic and helping others speak out.

Topics Include:

  1. What is bipolar?
  2. Normalising the language around mental health
  3. It starts from the top – what is good company culture?
  4. Managing bipolar, at work, at home and with those around you
  5. The importance of physical exercise in managing your mental health

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