Dr. Vikki Barnes – Former (Virgin Group) Head Of Positive Wellbeing And Clinical Psychologist

On being passionate about the wellbeing of people and the wellbeing of the planet.

Dr. Vikki Barnes was the Former Positive Psychology Lead at Virgin Group – and yes, she went to Necker Island – actually for a month long secondment to the British Virgin Islands to work with VLE staff on Necker Island, Moskito Island and Virgin Gorda.

“Positive Psychology is a stunningly effective model of human functioning and flourishing. It’s about being the best version of ourselves that we can be given our situation and focusing on our mindset, resilience, growth, gratitude, strength, compassion, kindness, creativity, authenticity and vulnerability – natural human traits that are accessible and achievable for us all.” Dr. Barnes.

Topics Include:

  1. The science behind wellbeing
  2. Beating your inner critic
  3. Allowing yourself to be happy
  4. Have an ambition – make a difference
  5. Addressing mental health in the workplace – can anyone report their mental health without fearing repercussions?

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Keryn Seal – International Sports, Transitioning Change, Mental Health And Resilience In Sales

With 127 football caps for England, Keryn Seal sits alongside Sir Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore, Peter Shilton, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney on the all time most capped England football players list.

Keryn captained the England Blind Squad scoring 20 goals and played at two Paralympic Games including London 2012 as well as 3 World Cups, and 7 European Championships (with a haul of 3 Silver & 2 Bronze medals.) Oh and he also played cricket for Wales at the 2002 World Cup at the age of 20 and went on to represent England 35 times from 2002 to 2007.

Keryn Seal’s mix of life experience, professional sports personality, business and humour will leave your company in stitches with the realisation that adversity in life is a mere bump in the road to success.

Topics will include:

  1. The life of an international sportsperson
  2. Life resilience and lessons learnt
  3. Mental health – Keryn’s low moments and how he overcame them
  4. Reporting mental health in the workplace
  5. Overcoming adversity and achieving your ambitions

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