Chris Pinner, Founder At Innerfit. Now Is The Right Time To Prioritise Workplace Wellbeing

At Innerfit, they believe that if you feel well, you work well. They also believe that most workplace wellbeing practices currently don’t actually drive change. Innerfit solve that problem.

Chris Pinner started a wellbeing business in order to create a solution for businesses, organisations and individuals wishing to prioritise their own health and wellbeing. In this video interview we learn what led to Chris Pinner to found such an organisation as we follow his journey into business.

The importance of wellbeing in the workplace, building the correct culture and knowing where to start when building policies are all topics covered in this relaxed conversation.

Filmed during Covid-19, a time when wellbeing rapidly climbed the agenda within major organisations, we gain insight into how to drive cultural change in the ‘new norm.’

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