Eric Partaker – CEO of the Year 2019. Formerly Skype, McKinsey & Co. and Co-Founder at Chilango

There are so many tips and tricks in this interview … from ‘shut down’ rituals in the evening, ‘Digital Sunsets’ to the awareness that ‘Task Switching’ .. (the innocuous observation of unconscious multi tasking) that is done 37 times every hour can lose you up to 28% of your productivity every day! Over a 40 year career that is the equivalent of 10 years!

Following a near death and stress related experience on an aeroplane which left him seconds from death, Eric had to reevaluate his lifestyle. Wellbeing is now at the heart of how Eric’s, become extremely streamlined and organised when prioritising his tasks so that he can maximise his effective output.

Other topics include, the power of a positive mindset, the wasted pursuit of perfection and the ability to choose to be happy, an underrated option for many!

Watch here:

Video (Recorded Live) – Watch Here: Redundancy is not the end of the road…

Being made #redundant can be one of the most unpleasant things to happen to you.

It can throw up all types of psychological and physical emotions that may reduce your self-esteem, self-worth and personal value.
#Redundancy is not the end of the road though, (even if it feels like it right now,) however there are some red flags to look out for when coping mentally and physically in the immediate aftermath.

Simon Scott-Nelson was delighted therefore to have been invited onto a recent video conversation on behalf of Wellity, where we discussed (among many other things) ways to help yourself look after your own #wellbeing.
Other topics included:

1) Diversifying, transferring your skills and tapping into your entrepreneurial self after being made redundant
2) Resources, and tools to guide you through the process
3) Advice and support from a legal perspective
5) How to stand out in the job market with recruitment strategies, writing applications and creating the
killer CV.
What’s next after reduncancy