Daniel Disney – Founder of The Daily Sales and Social Influencer with over 10 million views a month!

Daniel Disney certainly knows how to build a brand. After all, Daniel is one of the leading voices in the UK sales industry with over 600,000 LinkedIn followers and 10 million views month on his content. Trust us, that sort of following does not come easy!

Daniel however is also authentic and was determined to build his brand in line with his strong values. He is after all simply a human and with that he knows that any super-human growth in his business growth and inevitably his workload, has to be sustainable. It was this very reason that Wellity caught up with Daniel to see the importance he placed on being well-rounded as an individual when pushing for supersonic goals and business achievements. 

Daniel describes how finding the perfect balance is far healthier than chasing extremes and also how perfection is an impossible target to set yourself. Why is it is so important to discover your sweet-spot and how can you push the fear of failure to one side? Find out in this exclusive Wellity interview. 

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Chris Brindley MBE – Chair At Rugby League World Cup 2021 And Former Managing Director At Metro Bank

In this exclusive video interview below, Chris Brindley MBE, the former Managing Director of Metro Bank who helped re-design the modern banking system, opens up on what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s changing landscape and demonstrates how leadership is transferable across industries.

Chris was awarded Sales and Marketing Director of the Year for 3 consecutive years by the British Excellence Sales and Marketing Awards (BESMA) as well as Most Outstanding Employer at the National Business Awards and “Britain’s Best Boss” by the Working Families Association. Also awarded Sales Leader of the Year at the National Sales Awards, Chris has led teams to success at the National Customer Service awards.

In an esteemed professional career Chris has also been the National Sales Director at British Gas and Managing Director (North of England and Scotland) at NatWest.

Chris’s love of sport and wellbeing, combined with his senior leadership skills has led to positions as Elite Sports Mentor in the Premier League, Board Director at Super League and Chair of GreaterSport.

That’s quite the professional back-catalogue, however we sense that Chris’s greatest achievements are yet to come with the groundbreaking spectacle that is the 2021 Rugby League World Cup where he currently sits as Chair. The event aims to cross boundaries of gender, class, geography and ability with its’ motto “One game. Together.”

Through all of these achievements, Chris holds most dear to him the values instilled in him by his mum at a young age and also refers to ‘being grateful’ as one of his finest attributes.

A truly inspirational masterclass on leadership and top-level performance management entitled, ‘Dreams are Free.’

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