There was a time when coaching and mentoring were the privilege of only C-suite, senior leaders and company directors, however those times are gone. Now, professional and personal development are key in creating the goals, challenges and focus required to perform at the top level. They are also integral with organisational change initiatives which help staff to accept and adapt to changes in a way that compliments their own personal values and goals.

We are experiencing an evolution in wellbeing and an increase in the number of individuals contracting coaches and mentors on a private basis. Whether you are looking to change your career, wanting to be the best you and maximise your potential in your current role or achieve greater balance at home and at work.

You may be a company going through organisational transition or experiencing changes brought about by employees coming back to work after long periods away, remote working or acquisitions and mergers. It may be that you simply wish to provide key employees with the support they require through a change of role or career and inspire them to lead a fulfilled and supported progression path that will benefit not only the individuals performance but that of the companies goals.

The benefits of focusing on the individual can be enhanced morale, motivation and productivity. There is also the hugely important factor of reducing absenteeism and staff turnover due to individuals feeling valued and recognised.

Benefits include:

  • Higher morale and self esteem
  • Improving performance
  • Increased awareness of personal worth, value and development
  • Increased ability to think clearer and identify solutions to specific work-related issues
  • An objective third person sounding board which helps silence the inner critic and promote positive thoughts
  • Accountability and continuous progression