Caspar Craven – Keynote Speaker and Entrepreneur who Literally Redirected his Life’s Course

The insights of Caspar Craven have been gained from building and selling a tech business for a seven figure sum, working as a CFO and 5 years working at KPMG, and also from twice sailing round the world – the first time as a team leader on a trophy winning racing yacht in the BT Global Challenge in 2000/1 and the second time in 2014/16 with his wife and three young children all under 10 years of age!

Caspar knows first hand that we can all change our life’s course if we are not happy with our direction or perceived destination. In this inspirational interview Caspar discusses how we can all be the captain of our ship if we take one step outside of our comfort zone and plot our course wisely.

Topics include pain and challenge, risk and reward, comparison and the impossible pursuit of perfection.

Watch here:

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