Chris Neenan – Former Sales VP EMEA, life coach and endurance athlete – ‘Resilience and focus’

Chris Neenan spent years in Enterprise SaaS Sales in senior leadership positions covering US, UK and EMEA. From scale-up to IPO to fighting the DOJ (and losing) to going private again, Chris has lived through just about every part of a SaaS company’s life-cycle. His teams would attest that this has been done with a unique sense of calm confidence and optimism.

Chris is also the founder of Relentless Growth, a business that supports Sales Leaders by boosting engagement, confidence and performance amongst their sales teams through coaching & mentoring on a 1:1 and team basis.

As a family man (married with 4 children) and endurance athlete (competing in 50 and 100 mile races over mountain ranges in the UK and Europe) Chris is passionate about getting the most out of life and relentlessly growing into the best version of yourself.

Topics include:

1. The transition from sales leadership to coaching

2. The main challenges in the sales industry

3. Mental health and the benefits of exercise and wellbeing

4. Why have an external coach or mentor?

5. The importance of having structure in your life – Trust : Mission : Objectives

6. How leaders should manage – post Covid-19 and the importance of culture

7. Is it best to balance, blend or separate work and life?

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