Dan Haylett – A panic attack in mid-air re-evaluated my life. ‘The Power of talking.’

Panic attacks led Dan to re-define his purpose and become a financial ‘life coach’ to help people who worry about their financial future.

Dan Haylett is a true ‘one off,’ – a financial adviser with super powers, with his finger firmly on the pulse of what it takes to help people change their lives and manage their wellbeing.

Noticing how powerful financial anxiety was and seeing first hand the effect it can have on his own physiological being, Dan is re-designing the way financial advice is given. It is not about selling products, it is about understanding the influence and fears behind peoples worries over money.

Topics covered:

1) Life coaching first, then the appropriate financial advice

2) Financial anxiety – it’s real

3) How much is enough?

4) The 4 types of wealth – money, time, status & health

5) Retirement is a dumb concept!!

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