Daniel Disney – Founder of The Daily Sales and Social Influencer with over 10 million views a month!

Daniel Disney certainly knows how to build a brand. After all, Daniel is one of the leading voices in the UK sales industry with over 600,000 LinkedIn followers and 10 million views month on his content. Trust us, that sort of following does not come easy!

Daniel however is also authentic and was determined to build his brand in line with his strong values. He is after all simply a human and with that he knows that any super-human growth in his business growth and inevitably his workload, has to be sustainable. It was this very reason that Wellity caught up with Daniel to see the importance he placed on being well-rounded as an individual when pushing for supersonic goals and business achievements. 

Daniel describes how finding the perfect balance is far healthier than chasing extremes and also how perfection is an impossible target to set yourself. Why is it is so important to discover your sweet-spot and how can you push the fear of failure to one side? Find out in this exclusive Wellity interview. 

Watch here:

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