Dare to Dream Online

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Dare to Dream Online

The Game Changer from Dare to Dream. A powerful online 10 module meditation course designed for our times, to meet you where you are right now.


Dare to Dream is a collection of beautifully directed online courses designed to elevate students towards their highest potential & states of wellbeing.

All our courses, which we’ll be producing and making available to you throughout the coming months, will feature study in the area of mental & physical wellbeing.

The first is Meditation – The Game Changer. Designed for our times, it’s a powerful 10 module course, which aims to meet you where you are right now, de-bunk the myths around meditation and get straight to the how; supporting you towards your highest potential.

Why? Because we don’t act in accordance with what we know; we act in accordance with the baseline level of stress in our nervous systems.

How do we bring the baseline down? Through meditation; it’s the most powerful, stress releasing tool we have. The non-negotiable performance enhancing tool of millions of high achievers.

The fact is, you already have all the tools you need to achieve optimal performance. This course will help you access them.

Now is the time to get out of your own way, enhance your productivity, make better decisions and thrive.

Because if not now, then when? 

We truly believe that, despite the challenges we all face, we can emerge stronger and go on to achieve optimal health, mindset and performance. We can’t do it alone though and so all our courses will be supported by exclusive webinars and editor’s notes, to help you get the most out of your chosen course.