Natalie Q Inspire Ltd

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Natalie Q Inspire Ltd

Natalie Queiroz, Survivor of attempted murder by multiple stabbing at 8 months pregnant


Director of Natalie Q Inspire Ltd – Motivational Speaker and Coach. Best-selling author of ‘Still Standing’ (published June 2019 & already in 6 countries across the globe – including a translated version). Plus Director/Founder of Inspire 2 Quit Blades – a Community Interest Company – aiming to educate young people about the reality of knife crime as well as positively empowering them to live their most positive life.
Using her journey from happy ‘bubble’ – great pharmaceutical career, beautiful home in a calm and peaceful suburb, 2 daughters and pregnant with her third with her live-in partner – to utter horror and destruction in one seemingly normal Friday afternoon. In a 9 long minute attack, fighting for her life whilst protecting her precious unborn baby, Natalie was stabbed 24 times with a 12 inch carving knife in broad daylight in a pre-mediated murder attempt. The horror to unfold after was almost too much to bear. But determined to never give in, Natalie stood strong, rebuilt life and followed her true passion to help others lead a more positive life. A true testament to the fact you can come back from ANYTHING and make life better.