Gerry Hill – VP EMEA And Sales Leader, Connect And Sell. Maintaining Extreme Performance Levels

Ryan Giggs, Jonny Wilkinson and Serena Williams – what does it take to consistently perform at the top level?

Can the sales industry ever be rewarded with such dedication and skill learning?

If you can find a harder working sales professional, as committed as Gerry Hill to the professionalisation of the sales industry, we would be delighted to showcase them. Isn’t it about time that the noble art of sales was represented by those who are most dedicated to their vocation?

Of course. But can the dedication to their ambition also perhaps lead to the decline of their own wellbeing?

A really honest story of what it takes to get to the top of the sales industry. Start ups V’s Enterprise, being ‘good enough’, mental health and looking out for those red flags. Gerry is relatable, reliable, normal and extremely respectful.

Sustainable sales is possible (in a big way) ….but do just keep an eye on yourself along the way.

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