Grand Master Sken – The Grand Master of Muay Thai. Becoming the best fighter in the world

Grand Master Sken became the best in the world at Muay Thai and has been awarded many lifetime achievements by some of the most eminent and prestigious people and organisations around the world, all while training multiple world champions in the process.

Tragically, in 1963 when he was only 8 years old, Grand Master Sken’s father was assassinated by gangsters. GM Sken’s mother suffered a nervous breakdown on hearing the news and was unable to support her two young sons.

Raised in a Buddhist Temple, Grand Master Sken was taught Muay Thai, meditation and Buddhist philosophy, particularly the principles of calmness, respect, discipline and most importantly Dhamma (knowledge and wisdom of the Lord Buddha.)

In this exclusive Wellity video interview you can watch an incredible story of resilience and ‘real-life’ incidents which allowed him to demonstrate beyond any shadow of a doubt that this diminutive and soft spoken young man could hold his own against multiple attackers – armed and unarmed – even though they were often far larger than him.

Grand Master Sken would like to remind everyone watching this that true strength lies in gentleness – and that mastery of the world begins with ‘mastery of self.’

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