Greg Bateman (Professional Rugby Player) with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Vikki Barnes

Can depression be defined and what are the red flags that people could look for to help avoid a downward spiral?

Sometimes life throws a series of seemingly innocuous events at us. Individually, we could perhaps deal with them but grouped together however they can result in increased anxiety and ‘overwhelm.’

Greg Bateman discusses how a series of events including a divorce, house sale, job move and a few other personal life circumstances led to a period of his life where it was easy to succumb to toxic influences in a bid to escape the inevitable overwhelm of reality. Only a period of real self awareness, honesty and self reflection would help Greg recover.

Dr. Vikki Barnes (Former Positive Psychology Lead at Virgin Group) helps us understand how to control our inner critic at this time and diagnoses what really happens to us physiologically in these periods of fight or flight. Watch here:

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