James Ski – CEO, Founder Of Sales Confidence And Saas Growth. Leading With Bipolar

To be the best globally on LinkedIn, while working at LinkedIn, is a massive professional accolade that James is proud of.

In this video interview we delve inside the mind of a self diagnosed ‘over worker’ who constantly has his foot down on the accelerator pedal. To James, sales is both a passion and an addiction.

His vision is to build the world’s largest B2B Sales community, elevate the sales profession and help sales professionals with their mindset, awareness and positive wellbeing. A goal that he is dedicating his life to.

James is also diagnosed Bipolar which sometimes forces him however to look for that brake pedal when his limits are being reached.

Here we normalise the conversation around a stigmatised diagnosis. How we address bipolar, what it is and how it is managed in a leadership role.

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