Ollie Sharpe – VP Of Revenue EMEA At SalesLoft. Gratitude, Resilience And Self Awareness

Ollie Sharpe is a top-level sales leader, well known in the tech, Saas and sales space for championing the importance of wellbeing. After years of building very successful and high performing teams, Ollie outlines his core beliefs when it comes to building the correct culture in any organisation.

Everyone will require a degree of resilience at times and Ollie acknowledges that the modern era of highly trained sales professionals are now searching out companies that best fit their values as well as their purpose.

In an exclusive interview for Wellity, Ollie highlights how adversity can strike anyone at anytime and how the sales industry can best rally around at such a time. By showing compassion and understanding at these times, an organisation can best demonstrate true authenticity in its wellbeing message, help out and also gain loyalty for the future of the relationship.

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