Pam Warren – Surviving Critical Injury At The Heart Of The Paddington Rail Disaster, Ladbroke Grove

On a normal day standing on the train station platform, Pam thought to herself ‘today is going to be a good day.’ The sun was shining and all thoughts were on her busy day a head as a very successful sales professional in the Financial industry.

Boarding the train just before 8am, in the first class carriage, Pam was unaware that she was sitting above the diesel tanks that were shortly going to explode around her during what was one of the UK’s most prolific rail disasters that killed 31 people and left 417 others injured.

Pam recalls how after the head on collision with another train, she was left upturned, bewildered but strangely calm and pragmatic. This was before turning around to assess the situation and while screaming, she inhaled the full force of the fireball that swept through the train. Pam’s injuries were so severe that she wasn’t expected to pull through. Not only did she pull through, she became the public face of the disaster – ‘the lady in the mask’ championing the cause of rail safety.

Left with psychological scars, Pam discusses candidly how she has battled depression, flashbacks, alcoholism, suicidal thoughts and now has an intolerance of accepting the status quo.

After experiencing this tragedy first hand, Pam no longer fears change, in fact she chases it. Pam shows that anything is possible with determination and heart. while defining true ‘wellbeing’ as finding your ‘contentment.’

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