Sara Haadem – The ‘Go To’ Transformational Life Coach For SDR’s and BDR’s

Sara Haadem is focused on making the lives of SDR’s and BDR’s more efficient, enjoyable and productive by using bespoke coaching methods to identify issues as they arise and then help remedy them.

Do any of these sound familiar?

– Not being able to ‘switch off’ after getting home from work

– Feeling anxious, stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed

– Having low energy

– Heavy chest

– Short attention span and easily irritable

– Having trouble sleeping

– Feeling burnt out

Sara helps her clients by using different tools and exercises to uncover how they can create a better work-life balance for them and their lifestyle. The end result? Having a happier and healthier life where you will be able to unwind, socialise and still exceed at work.

Watch here:

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